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Private Dog Training

Basic Dog Training and Advanced Dog Training

Private Dog Training

How is Our Private Dog Training Sessions Different From Other Dog Training Classes?

Unlike dog obedience classes that train dogs to perform specific actions, dog training classes aim to change a dog's reaction to specific situations, to people, things, or other animals. Our training sessions provide a systematic method of changing behaviour and attitude.


Private Dog Training with Monica


Private Dog Training Monica

Whether you've had your beloved dog for years or brought them home recently, Monica can show you exactly how to solve any behavioral issues or get your new puppy or dog to be well-behaved in all situations. 

Monica has her Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology (DBTM), has completed an Intensive Dog Walking Certification program and is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Monica has worked at dog rescues in Italy, Thailand, and India. "Working with dogs is my purpose and my passion. There is no better feeling than helping a scared dog feel safe. I feel very fortunate that people trust me with their dogs and take that trust very seriously. Helping people form a better understanding of their dog's behaviour allows them to form a stronger bond, and it's gratifying to be a part of that experience."

Private Dog Training with Phoebe


Dog training Pheobe

Phoebe’s passion for dogs is undeniable. She has grown up around dogs; you can see and feel her special connection with every dog she meets. She is certified in Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology (DBTM), has completed an Intensive Dog Walking Certification program, and is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. Before that, she had her business administration certificate and played vital roles in retail and hospitality leadership. 

She has a knack for teaching people how to understand better and communicate with their dogs. Encouraging a holistic approach to understand better your dog's physical, mental, and emotional needs is her specialty. 

She has to say: “training dogs to live seamlessly as a part of their family unit is so fulfilling. I love watching the process of dogs connecting with their families and each growing love and respect for each other’s boundaries. I have learned so much from the dogs I walk and train and have continuously been amazed at the love and loyalty they have for their people. That will keep me pushing to learn more and help more families and dogs.” 

Private Dog Training with Liam


Private Dog Training Liam


Liam has been part of The Leash Team for a long time since he is the "Son of The Leash Team." Liam is an athlete and a goalie. He has spent some time in the USA playing hockey and loved every minute of that experience. However, he did miss Canada and our dogs, but thank goodness his awesome billet family had a dog!

Some of the activities that Liam enjoys outside of working with The Leash Team are video games, going to the lake, hockey, dog walks, and skiing.

Liam truly loves working with the dogs and is excited about seeing the company grow and being part of that growth. We couldn't be more proud that he is working in the family business with us.

Liam is certified in Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology (DBTM), has completed the Intensive Dog Walking Certification program, and is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Private Dog Training with Karrie


Private Dog Training Carrie



Karrie comes to us as a graduate of the Dog Behaviour Training and Methodology (DBTM) program through the Edmonton Humane Society; she has completed her Intensive Dog walking Certification Program and is certified in pet First Aid and CPR. We’re excited to have her on our team as a lover of dogs with her own special guy Fantuan!
Karrie says, “I am very excited to join the team. Meeting and walking all the amazing dogs. My 3-year-old Pomsky is what got me into the dog world, and my love for dogs just expanded from there! While taking my DBTM course, working with shelter dogs and seeing how much they improve through the training sessions made me so happy and proud of what we can do to change a dog's life.”


Private Dog Training with Dan


Private Dog Training Dan


Dan is certified in Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology (DBTM). 

Dan has been working with dogs as a trainer for over five years. He has walked over 20,000 dogs.


Puppies Series - $450 

3 - One-hour in-home private puppy training sessions, which are a must for every young puppy! These sessions will cover the basic commands, including sit, down, come, stay, drop it, leave it, how to get your pup into the heel position, and loose leash walking. Because these are private sessions and we do not have to plan a fit for all dogs, the training can be modified to help you deal with specific issues with your pup.

Our Trainers are well-versed in canine behavior and can help you with common puppy behaviors and how to survive them.

Puppies must have two sets of vaccinations and be between 4-6 months of age.

Basic Training Series - $450 

3 - One-hour in-home private dog training sessions to teach you and your dog to become model citizens and great representatives of the canine community. Because these are private sessions and we do not have to plan a one fits all, the training can be modified to help you deal with specific issues you are having with your dog.

You will learn: sit, down, come, stay, drop it, leave it, how to get your pup into the heel position and loose leash walking. You will also practice turns, and movement with loose leash walking as well as place, take it/leave it, and the drop command.

Dogs must be six months and older by class start, and vaccinations must be current.

Behaviour Issues - 60-Minute (1 Hour) Consultation and Training Session - $175

In-Home private dog behaviour consultation - 60 minutes in length. We will provide you and your family with a plan to deal with any dog behavior issues, such as:

Jumping, Leash Aggression, Charging, Resource Guarding, Fear or High Anxiety, Barking, Kennel Training, Recall, and Aggression toward Other Dogs

Cost: $175 plus GST for a 60-minute session which includes a customized modification plan.


On-leash or training lead, 30 min trainer and dog, Clients will be sent photo and video updates and session notes after each session. 

Cost $100 plus GST for one 30-minute session.

Or $550 plus GST for six 30-minute sessions.

New Clients

New clients requesting service should follow these steps:

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Complete the form, review and submit it

We will contact you to schedule an Initial Free Consultation with you and your dog in your home.





We are proud members of Pet Sitters International


Cat and Dog First Aid & CPR Certified

All dogs must be vaccinated and all dogs over 1 year old must be neutered or spayed

We are Licenced Bonded, Insured, and Certified in Dog First Aid & CPR

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