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Private Dog Training

In Your Home Puppy Training, Basic Dog Training and Advanced Dog Training

Private Dog Training

What is Behaviour Modification for Dogs?


Unlike dog obedience classes that train dogs to perform specific actions, behaviour modification classes aim to change a dog's reaction to specific situations, to people, things, or other animals. Our classes provide a systematic method of changing behaviour and attitude.


Private Dog and Puppy Training With Kimberley



Kimberley has her Bachelor of Science (BSc), she is certified through the Humane Society in Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology (DBTM), Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA).  and in good standing with the Alberta Force-Free Alliance.

Kimberley has been training domestic dogs and exotic zoo animals for more than ten years. She is passionate about training dog parents & growing their understanding of their pet's needs, as much as the animals themselves.

Kimberley says "I believe that understanding an animals’ cognitive and social needs are key components to a strong relationship ...that the bond between you and your animals should never be compromised in the name of “obedience".


Private Puppy and Private Dog Training With Andy


private dog training Edmonton


Whether you've had your beloved dog for years or you've brought them home recently, Andy can show you exactly how to solve any behavioral issues or simply get your new puppy or dog to be well behaved in all situations. 

Andy has her Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology (DBTM), Dog Socialization, Dog Temperament Assessment Training, Dog Shelter Behaviour, and Training, as well as her Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine Knowledge Assessment (CBCC-KA).

Andy is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree and once that is completed she plans on obtaining her master's degree in animal behaviour and welfare. Her dream is to operate a rescue for dogs with significant behavior issues.

"Helping dogs is my purpose and my passion. There is no better feeling than helping a scared dog feel safe. I think continuing education is the key to being a great canine consultant so I am always pushing myself to learn more about dogs and translate that knowledge into real life. I feel very fortunate that people trust me with their dogs and take that trust very seriously. Helping people form a better understanding of their dog's behaviour allows them to form a stronger bond and it's really rewarding to be a part of that experience."

Behaviour Modification and Training with Dan


dog training Edmonton


Dan is certified in Dog Behaviour and Training Methodology (DBTM). 

Dan has been working with dogs as a trainer for over three years. He has walked over 15,000 dogs.


Puppies Series - $450 

3 - One-hour in-home private puppy training sessions which are a must for every young puppy! These sessions will cover the basic commands, including sit, down, come, stay, drop it, leave it, how to get your pup into the heel position as well as loose leash walking. Because these are private sessions and we do not have to plan a one fits all, the training can be modified to help you deal with specific issues you are having with your pup.

Our Trainers are well versed in canine behavior and can help you with common puppy behaviors and how to survive them.

Puppies must have 2 sets of vaccinations and be between 4-6 months of age.

Basic Training Series - $450 

3 - One-hour in-home private dog training sessions to teach you and your dog to become model citizens and great representatives of the canine community. Because these are private sessions and we do not have to plan a one fits all, the training can be modified to help you deal with specific issues you are having with your dog.

You will learn: sit, down, come, stay, drop it, leave it, how to get your pup into the heel position as well as loose leash walking. You will also practice turns and movement with loose leash walking as well as place, take it/leave it, and the drop command.

Dogs must be 6 months and older by class start and vaccinations must be up to date.

Behaviour Issues - 60 Minute (1 Hour) Consultation and Training Session - $175

                              - 90 Minute (1.5 Hour) Consultation and Training Session - $250

In-Home private dog behaviour consultation - 60 minutes in length. We will provide you and your family a plan to deal with any dog behavior issues, such as:

Jumping, Leash Aggression, Charging, Resource Guarding, Fear or High Anxiety, Barking, Kennel Training, Recall and Aggression to Other Dogs

Cost: $175 plus GST for a 60-minute session or $250 plus GST for a 90-minute session both include a customized modification plan.


On-leash or training lead, 30 min trainer and dog, Clients will be sent photo and video update and session notes client after each session. 

Cost $100 plus GST for a 30-minute session.

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