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Discover Why Our Edmonton Dog Walking Services Have Been Voted "Best Rated"


Dog walking in Edmonton with The Leash Team is easy and affordable. Our certified dog walkers will pick up your beloved dog, take them on a 60-minute walk and then drop them off again.  Each new dog will be evaluated for 30 days during their dog walks to make sure that they are best suited and happy with their dog pack. Your dog will also wear a GPS collar to ensure their safety. If you prefer that your dog walk on-leash, we can do that as well.

Your dog's dog walker will take your pooch to one of Edmonton's beautiful off-leash dog parks. Our group dog walks are perfect for getting your dog some REAL EXERCISE and they help your dog learn good behaviours from the other dogsOur dog walking excursions are just the right amount of exercise to help your dog stay mentally and physically fit. Let us save you time in your hectic schedule and help your dog release excess energy, socialize, and play with other dogs.


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Dog Walking


Keeping your dog happy with exercise and socialization...Learn more about our Dog Walking Services


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Dog Walking Adventures


An Amazing Day of Fun, Food, Exercise and Adventure...Find out more about our Dog Walking Adventures


Edmonton Dog Walking Adventures



Dog Training And Puppy Training


Dog Training can be rewarding and enjoyable with our certified dog trainers. Discover our Dog and Puppy training here.


Dog and Puppy Training



  My dog LOVES dog walking with the Leash Team. It's very reassuring that all employees are certified and professional. It provides peace of mind that they are taken care of as one of their own. This family business has both heart ❤ and skills showing up as loyal and trustworthy . I give them 5 tail wags and highly recommend them   
- V.A -
  Lola has been walked and boarded many times by Dan and the gang. She hears Dan's van before it comes into site and runs to the door. That tells me she loves the walks.   
- C. A. -
  Our high energy and enthusiastic Lab cross Piper has been joining Dan and The Leash Team for dog walking for almost two years. Piper absolutely loves the walks! It's the combination of the natural setting of the parks and the socializing with the other dogs. Dan provides an enjoyable, stimulating and safe experience for the dogs and we are thrilled Piper is part of this   
- R. E. -
  Dan and his team go above and beyond to ensure the safety and well being of your dog. Their dog walking service has helped my very active fur baby during those long days at home. And not just with a walk around our neighborhood, but they go to the off leash park so the dogs can run and be social with other dogs. If you want someone who is going to treat your dog with love, affection and care for them as if they were their own, then I would highly recommend The Leash Team.   
- C. H. -
  I can't say enough about Dan and the leash team. Our chocolate lab is a very high energy dog and we used to take him to daycare a couple days a week for socialization. Then we randomly ran into Dan at the Beuna Vista park one day, and we're stunned to see him handling 8 off leash dogs at once. I'd never considered using a dog walking service before as my dog needs to run which doesn't work out so well with a leash. But after seeing Dan handle the pack he had with him and seeing my dog having an absolute blast with them I was convinced to give it a try. Haven't looked back since. The amount of exercise my little buddy gets on his walks with Dan is substantially more than when I take him solo, as he spends the entire time running with his friends in the pack. Always comes back tired and happy.   
- S. R. -
  We are so pleased we found The Leash Team! We met one of their dog walkers, Liam at the off leash park a couple weeks ago and saw how great he was with the dogs so we inquired about dog boarding. Dan immediately setup a meetup. We have since had our Husky boarded for 3 days and multiple dog walks during that time. They are an amazing team! It is the perfect place for our dog Luna. They were so personable with us and loving towards our dog. I would highly recommend their services. Now we can travel knowing she has a second home she will be safe and cared for.   
- M. K. -
  This is the first & only dog walking experience we have had. From the start this dog walking group has been totally reliable, caring & loving of our dog, trust worthy. We are totally confident that our pup will be loved & treated exceptionally well. That he is safe. The whole team is absolutely top drawer. To us this dog walking service sets the standard for any other service of its kind in Edmonton.   
- R. H. -

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