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Edmonton Dog Walker Dan Meyer and His Dog Walking Team


Edmonton dog walker Dan Meyer


Dog walkers don't have more love and passion for dogs than Dan Meyer. Dan’s love for Dogs is undeniable. He’s always had dogs, both when he was growing up and throughout his adult life. As he moved closer to retirement Dan realized he didn’t really want to retire. He wanted to do something he really loved while at the same time designing a simpler life.

Dan is certified Canine Behavior Modification and Training, Pet First Aid and CPR and a member of Pet Sitters International and gives private dog and private puppy training 

Dan Meyer is a serial entrepreneur who has built several successful companies in Alberta and beyond, from an Alberta Water Company to one of the largest goaltending schools in North America.

His goal with The Leash Team is to help people take care of their dogs when they can’t, knowing first hand how busy life can be. Dan has the passion and energy to love your dogs on the Happiest dog walks in Edmonton.


Our Dog Walker Team - Certified and Professionally Trained


Our Edmonton dog walking family, The Leash Team, was created 5 years ago by Dan. The Leash Team is a family owned and operated dog walking, and dog training business.

We are proud to offer one of the only dog walking training certification programs in Edmonton for our dog walking team members. First, each dog walker must love dogs, then they must pass our certification exam to work with our dogs.

After passing their exam, each dog walker must follow strict processes and procedures to ensure the safety and enjoyment of each dog walk for all our dogs.

Dog walking protocols are always followed before and after each walk which reinforce dog safety. Our primary concern and focus are the safety and enjoyment of all our dogs for the privileged time that we are with them.

To find out how we can best serve you and your dog walking needs Dan will provide you with a free one-hour dog walking consultation. During the initial consult, Dan will evaluate your dog’s behaviour and temperament to see what dog group they would be best suited and enjoy being a part of.

Each new dog that joins our dog walking family is then evaluated for 30 days while wearing a GPS collar and a 20-foot-long lead as they become familiar with our doggie family.

Dog walks with The Leash Team happen in all types of weather. Our dog walkers will pick up your dog, take them on a one-hour walk, and then will drop them off safe and sound. 


Learn more about our dog walking service and dog boarding services.


Meet Our Certified Dog Walkers


Dog Walker Liam


Dog walker


Liam has been part of The Leash Team for a long time since he is the "Son of The Leash Team". Liam is an athlete and a goalie. He has spent some time in the USA playing hockey and he loved every minute of that experience. However, he did miss Canada and our dogs, but thank goodness his awesome billet family had a dog!

Some of the activities that Liam enjoys outside of working with The Leash Team are video games, going to the lake, hockey, dog walks and skiing.

Liam truly loves working with the dogs and is excited about seeing the company grow and being part of that growth. We couldn't be more proud that he is working in the family business with us. Liam has taken and passed his Dog Behavior and Training Methodology and our Intensive Dog Walker Certification Program.

What's the one thing that makes Liam happy? 


Without question - dogs!


Dog Walker Elena


certified dog walker


We've been lucky enough to know Elena since she was in elementary school. She loves anything active and anything with fur. Since she was little all we remember is her wanting to play with the dogs in the soccer field...after her team won the game :)

Elena has a big heart, loves her friends, and has the nicest parents.

Some of the things that she loves to do in her spare time is to be outdoors, whether it's playing soccer, hiking or going on dog walks.

Elena decided to work for The Leash Team for two reasons:

1. Who wouldn't want to work with a business run by a close family whose clients are all dogs.

2. Because no matter what kind of day I'm having, the dogs will always make me happy and I will never consider this a "job" because I absolutely love it.

It's pretty clear to us that dogs are one of the things that makes her happy. And we're happy to announce that Elena has taken and passed her Dog Behavior and Training Methodology and our Intensive Dog Walker Certification Program.


Our dogs are as crazy about Elena as are we!


Dog Walker Phoebe


Dog Walks


Yeah! Welcome to #theleashteam family Pheobe! We have known this beautiful soul since she was a kid. Phoebe comes to us with her business administration diploma and her love of operations and brand management. In her spare time she loves to stay active and prepare healthy meals, a total foodie like us all:) 

Phoebe shared with us that spending every day bringing happiness to the dogs and seeing them enjoying the outdoors and each other just brings her so much joy. Her reason for wanting to work with us, "I am overjoyed to join The Leash Team because of the incredible team of people and dogs I get surround myself with. I've been so impressed and I couldn't help but want to be part of such a thriving family based business that cares so much about their cleints. My dream for the future is to continue working with The Leash Team to help make it the best company it can be and eventually grow my family fur babies at home!!" Phoebe has taken and passed the Dog Behavior and Training Methodology, her Pet First Aid and CPR, and our Intensive Dog Walkers Certification Program.


Dog Walker Monica


Dog walkers Edmonton Monica


Dogs have been a fundamental part of Monica's life since she was a child, growing up in different countries like Thailand and Taiwan, and befriending and caring for neighbourhood strays. 

She has fostered and successfully rehomed a number of dogs and has spent several nonconsecutive years volunteering with different animal rescue associations.

"I believe that growing up around dogs and the ongoing process of learning to communicate (nonverbally) with and understand animals has made me a better, kinder, and more empathetic human being in general."

The opportunity to work with The Leash Team is a dream come true for her, not only because it is a job that involves being with dogs, but also because it is a family-run business that upholds values that she feels strongly about. Monica has taken and passed the Dog Behavior and Training Methodology, her Pet First Aid and CPR, and our Intensive Dog Walkers Certification Program.

Other things that Monica is passionate about include acroyoga, circus arts, and performance, nature and sustainable living, reading and quality time with people she cares for.

Your little and bigger pooches are going to love Monica!


Dog Walker Karrie


We are thrilled to welcome Karrie to our team. Karrie has her BSc degree in Agriculture/Food Business Management from the University of Alberta. After several years working in food safety she has decided to pursue something she is more passionate about...dogs. Her own 3 year old Pomski, Fantuan is what got her into the dog world and her love of dogs just expanded from there and your pups will adore her.

Karrie has taken and passed our Intensive Dog Walking Certification Program, she is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and just completing her Dog Behavior and Training Methodology to become a certified trainer.

Dog Walker Candace

Meet Candace. Candace has just completed her Intensive Dog Walking certification and her DBTM (Dog Behavior Training and Modification) certification, she is also certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. As you can tell Candace loves dogs and spends much of her time volunteering at dog rescues. Candace is from a teeny tiny town in B.C. and she will love your dogs like her own dog, Maiden a 17 year old Border Collie Chow mix. Candace's husband is in the military and we thank him for his service.


Dog Walker Taylor



Taylor is one of our newest Leash Team dog walkers. Taylor currently is taking Animal Sciences at the University of Alberta. She has taken and passed our Intensive Dog Walkers Certification Program and is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Taylors love for the dogs in unmistakable and our clients will feel that too. Your dogs will be as crazy about Taylor as we are!


Dog Walker Jessica


Dog walker in Edmonton


We're so happy to have our niece Jessica as one of our part time  Leash Team dog walkers. Jessica has a Human Resource Diploma and is qualified to work not only with us humans but our dogs as well since she has taken and passed the Dog Behavior and Training Methodology and our Intensive Dog Walkers Certification Program.

Jessica was a competitive gymnast when she was younger and just loves everything family. She is kind-hearted, funny and extremely lovable. Her favourite thing to do outside of The Leash Team is to hike, horseback ride, go to the lake and enjoy the beautiful outdoors any way that she can.

She decided to work for The Leash Team as a dog walker because it combines two of the things that she loves the most - family and dogs. "I never thought that I could have a job I love as much as I do working with The Leash Team!

There are five things that makes Jessica happy: Family, friends, dogs, love and positivty.

Dog Walker Danielle


Edmonton dog walker near me


Danielle is an ultrasound technologist, avid hiker, lovers everything outside, and has even jumped out of a plane. Her adventurist attitude has led her to climb many mountains in Alberta and British Columbia. Some of those climbs are not for the faint of heart. Danielle's passion for dogs is also through the roof and we feel so lucky to have her. Danielle is a strong supporter of Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue and the Edmonton Humane Society. She will be working with us part-time. If you see her on the trails say hi, she's an amazing dog walker!




CDFACDFA and CPR Certified


Dan, Liam, Jessica, Elena, Phoebe, Monica, Karrie, Candace and Danielle are all certified and have completed their Cognitive Evaluation in accordance with PetProHero Curriculum and veterinarian recommended emergency care for the following subjects:
- Pet First Aid Safety
- Preparation
- Safe Pet Moving
- Illness
- Bleeding and Wound Care
- Shock Management
- Vital Signs and Behaviors
- Respiratory Emergencies
- Poisonings and Envenomations


We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured and Proud Members the Canadian Dog Walkers Association and Pet Sitters International.


Our Core Values

Trust - We do what we say. We are dependable and responsive.

Family - We are a family business. Every client, dog, staff, and partner is part of our family.

Love - We love what we do. We love our dogs. We love our whole extended family (clients, dogs, and staff)

Safety - We focus on safety. Our primary concern is our dogs.  Everything we do is focused on safety first.

The Leash Team


The Happiest dog walks in Edmonton.

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