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Dog Walking in Edmonton: Testimonials and Reviews


March 4, 2021

I can't say nothing but wonderful things about The Leash Team. We contacted Dan when we really needed help with our dog as we just had our first baby and he really needed to get exercised and stimulated. The improvment in his behaviour was incredible.

Even though he isn't in any training he goes for off-leash group walks with specialists who taught him all the recall commands and more discipline than he ever had before.

The Leash Team is amazing. Don't even think about it - if you're looking for dog walking in Edmonton, they are the best!!

A, Murphy

Feb5, 2021

Our dog Pebbles has an amazing time on her group dog walks every week. She comes back happy and tired! We are very happy with this walking service. Thanks to The Leash Team!

K. O'Brien

Sept 26th, 2020

The Leash Team is amazing! My Jovi loves going for walks on the Doggy Adventures with the whole gang...and I know that he is being well taken care of when he's with them! He is always happy, and most importantly, nice and tired when he gets home from his excursions with The Leash Team...and if any one has a Doberman, you know how trying it can be to wear them out, LOL! A BIG THANK YOU to Dan and the whole crew. Jovi and I are so glad we met you!

T. Anderson

Sept 24, 2020

Our dog's favourite part of the week is her dog walk with The Leash Team. The Leash Team is excellent! Our dog gets a thorough workout and she loves it!

K. Ceaser 


Sept 23, 2020

We have been with The Leash Team from the beginning. We have absolutely no concerns with Maddy going out the door on the days she gets picked up. Dan, Bea, Jessica and any of the team are a delight to correspond with. We know that they all take the job seriously, with having the responsibility of owners beloved pets in their hands. I know that our Maddy is in love with Dan and the others by the way she reacts when they arrive at our door. With great fondnesss and appreciation.

Norm and Marge

Sept 22, 2020

Our experiences with The Leash Team are all very positive. Our two dogs love to go for walks with the team and they are well treated!

K. Adachi

Sept 22, 2010

Ollie went for a walk this morning and has been passed out on the floor all afternoon, lol.

J. Wells

Sept 22, 2020

The Leash Team is highly professional. All members are well trained and happy to be doing their work with the dogs. I highly recommend The Leash Team and have recommended to some of my co-workers. It has for sure made my dog happier and made me worry less about leaving him behind when I go to work!

R. Boyle

@misfitsofalberta.animalrescue story

December 16, 2018 is an auspicious day.  It is the day we adopted our rescue who we named Piper. I had been considering adopting a dog for years but we were busy with children, work and volunteering.  Then our lives settled, and it seemed time. We attended a dinner party with Dan and Bea.  I approached Dan Meyer, owner of #theleashteam .  Who better to discuss adopting a dog with!  He said there was a great rescue group named Misfits he loved. I visited the website and fell for a puppy 18 weeks old.  After filling out the online application, Brooke Roskey of Misfits brought Piper to our home. 

Brooke spent hours at our home ensuring we had everything we needed and even waited at our home while we quickly purchased supplies for Piper.  She also gave us tips on caring for Piper as we never had a dog before this.  Dan Meyer has become integral to our training and exercising of Piper and has boarded her when we are away. Dan and Bea’s support, knowledge and friendship has made this transition infinitely easier.

Adopting Piper has changed the dynamic of our lives as we spend more time outside and laugh at her exploits; especially important these days.  Piper is a much-loved addition to our family now and we have adjusted to her high energy and abundance of licks and kisses. If you can, please support Misfits. They do such good in the world.  ❤️🐾Andrea Epp

I am so happy that I found Dan to walk my dog. I thought Hibo would never be able to go off leash, and within a few days he was running with the other dogs. I am happy that I don't have to worry about him when he is with Dan. As well, Dan is so accommodating about changes. Best dog walker in Edmonton.


Maddy, our loveable Schnoodle is a very happy and lucky little dog to have Dan greet her at our door, for their walks three days a week.  Dan is fantastic with her and her walking pals, and she is diffinetly a better dog since we hired Dan. At first she was very reluctant to go, even hid under the bed. Now she is waiting at the window to watch him arrive and gets very excited.  We have so much trust in Dan, and Maddy enjoys it when Bea goes too. A three day stay at their home was a great success. 

Norm and Marge

I don't know where to start with all the good things to say about Dan and his services. Our pup Spuds was so shy and afraid of people, but after a few walks with Dan and his gang he was a different dog. Dan is trustworthy, loyal to his pet friends, their owners and has been nothing but a blessing! I more than highly recommend his services.


The best decision we have ever made is to hire Dan as our dog walker. Our dogs adore Dan. He treats them like his own. We have NEVER worried when our dogs are in Dan's care. He is always on time, trustworthy & reliable. We would strongly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for a responsible and loving dog caregiver.


What a treat it was to join friends for a walk along side Dan and his four legged side kicks "The Leash Team" at Twillegar Park on Sunday. Watching Dan with five dogs was a great experience. Dan treats each dog as if they were his own. He pays attention to each one individually and as a pack. Many times you heard him call all the dogs individually by name and they just come running. What a comfort for pet owners to know that when a dog walker is needed, you have an amazing person like Dan that can take care of that special family member.
Thank you Dan for your dedication to your clients.


Dan has been a pro with taking care of our dog. He seems very passionate and I totally trust him. It's great to come home to a worn out pooch.

Ok I have to update this review. We hit our first snag with The Leash Team. We were walking our dog at the park when low and behold Dan was approaching us heading the opposite way. Immediately Roo took off and ran to Dan and wanted to join his pack. It took way too much coaxing to get Roo to come back to us. Apparently she'd rather be with Dan than us. That says a lot.​


Dan is fantastic. My pups love him and their time together!


The Leash Team


The Happiest dog walks in Edmonton.

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