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Dog Training in Edmonton? We Can Help.
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Dog Training in Edmonton? We Can Help.


Dog Training in Edmonton? Are you overwhelmed or disappointed with your current dog training results? Dog training can be a challenge! We have seen our fair share of families struggle with their dog training. Edmonton is a beautiful city and home to a lot of dogs. Getting successful results with your dog training can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know how or where to start. For example, many people would like to train their dog to sit. But if your dog won’t sit, what do you do?

What about trying to train a puppy or dog to heel on a leash? That is a vitally important behavior for the dog’s health, safety, and peace of mind. But it’s also prone to a lot of frustration and challenge if you don’t know what to do. That’s where the Leash Team comes in. We’re the experts in dog training in Edmonton for good reason. With combined decades of dog training experience and the friendliest team around, we’re always happy to help dogs and their families enjoy longer, healthier lives together. 

Here are some things we can train your dog to do so that you and your dog can rest easily!


Edmonton Dog Training

Our Training Style

A word about our training style: we use the latest science and most humane techniques in force-free and fear-free training. We don’t punish; we encourage; we teach and reinforce the proper behavior. Science has shown this to be more effective than the outdated forceful, and aggressive methods of discouraging bad behavior (which often hurt your dog’s learning). 

And For My Next Trick….

Dogs can learn all kinds of amazing things, from tricks to simple behavioral patterns. We recommend teaching them early and doing it the right way, which means having a good plan. The Leash Team can help you train your dog to do the following things and more!

Sit and Heel

Having your dog sit is nice, especially when you need them to be calm and focus on something. Heeling is also highly important, because you should be the one in charge, not your dog.

Come When Called

We can also teach your dog to come to you when called, which is one of the most crucial tasks your dog will ever learn! 

Crate Etiquette 

Crating is not “imprisoning” your dog, but can actually calm anxiety and give your dog a safe space that caters to their den instincts. Teaching your dog to relax and enjoy crate time is a valuable skill. 

Staying Out of Garbage

Dogs love to dig into garbage for tasty treats their owners overlooked. We can help you teach your dog to stay out of the garbage!

No Begging

Teaching your dog not to beg at mealtimes and to behave is a great skill to learn, and while it seems impossible, trust us–it’s not! We can help make sure your dog is well-behaved at meals.

Stop Chewing Furniture

Dogs love to chew, but chewing furniture is a bad thing. We can teach your dog to chew on only designated items like dog toys and treats.

Changing Aggressive or Inappropriate Behavior

If your dog is exhibiting signs of aggression or other inappropriate behavior, we can identify the underlying causes and fix it.

Happy Hounds, Happy Homes


Dog Training

We consider ourselves the happiest and most successful dog walkers in Edmonton for a reason! Whatever you need regarding dog training, Edmonton’s most paws-itive results start here with The Leash Team. Our range of services includes all manner of dog training, dog walking, and everything else that can make life better for you and your dog.


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