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Dog Obedience Training Edmonton: Methods to Solve Behavioural Issues

Dog Obedience Training Edmonton: Methods to Solve Behavioural Issues


Dog obedience training doesn't have to be a struggle, yet it often is for new dog owners. If there’s one thing people everywhere have in common, we love our dogs. And what’s not to love? They are loyal, loving, and all kinds of fun. Dogs remind us of the best things in life, and in ourselves, and we love them for it. Who doesn’t want to take a lesson from our canine friends and learn to live life to its fullest? 


When dogs develop problematic behaviors, however, it can be frustrating for both dog and owner, leading to unnecessary friction between the two. Understanding dog behavior is a big help in figuring out how to guide it to the appropriate channels, which we promote through the force-free training method. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways in which force-free training can help you and your dog. 


The Leash Team are your experts for dog obedience training in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We want to help you and your dog enjoy happier lives by showing you how to help correct and encourage new behaviors without the pain and frustration that can come from outdated and forceful training methods. When you’re trying to foster new behavior, the advice of pro dog trainers can be invaluable, so we are always ready to help dogs and their people find better ways to coexist. 


If you want to explore some fear-free training options, the advice below can help you get started. We have a wide variety of services for when you are ready to take it to another level with your dog training. Alberta is our home, too, and every home is better with dogs!


Obedience Training

Problematic Behaviors

The list of troublesome dog behaviors must be nearly as long as the list of dog species! Every dog is different, and so is every home situation, but there are many patterns common to problematic dog behavior. Dog trainers learn to understand what causes these behaviors and figure out how to address the underlying causes. For example, check out the following list of behaviors and see if your dog has ever exhibited any of them.


Edmonton Dog Obedience Training


All dogs chew, especially puppies; they’re prone to chewing everything in sight, especially the things you don’t want them to chew on! We don’t want to discourage chewing entirely, but we want our dogs to chew on the appropriate things, such as a toy or stick, instead of your shoe! 


The underlying causes of chewing can vary. For puppies, teething is a significant source of chewing, as is curiosity. However, boredom can cause this as the dogs naturally look for something to do—just like people! Chewing is a natural action and a favorite activity for dogs so that they will chew things. Dogs experiencing anxiety will also chew as a way of coping with anxiety.


Obedience Training For Dogs

Barking Excessively

All dogs bark, and we wouldn’t want them not to—humans first domesticated dogs partially for their guardian instincts. It’s something we admire about them! However, dogs also bark to communicate and express emotions during play. This is perfectly normal, but sometimes, dogs bark excessively, which can be a problem, especially in certain areas such as apartment buildings or if it disrupts your daily life. 

Causes of excessive barking can include anxiety, fear, and in response to the barking of other dogs. 


Dog Obedience Training in Edmonton


Dogs love to dig; it’s an instinctive behavior with many practical uses—for the dog, at least! If they’re tearing up your yard or garden, it can be very frustrating and often stems from anxiety, the instinct to hide objects (such as those delicious and hard-won bones!), or the need to escape or gain access to an area. 

Identifying Underlying Causes

As you can see, problematic dog behaviors can stem from various causes. Identifying them is a key part of the training our experts will teach you and your dog. 

The Force-Free Method

Force-free (or fear-free) training is based on current science and humane treatment options. The idea behind it is to use positive reinforcement and encouragement, which dogs naturally respond to, to create a set of desired behaviors. Have you ever seen how your dog is happy to share something with you or bring you something? Or the way they respond positively when you reward them after performing a trick? 


That principle applies to other kinds of dog obedience training. In Edmonton, The Leash Team has been teaching dog owners for years how to embrace this training style, and we want to share our science-based expertise with you. It’s more effective and better for your dog, helping you build bonds rather than relying on fear of force and punishment. 

Creating a Plan

The first step we start with is creating a plan. This is probably the most important thing and the need that fuels countless “dog training near me” searches. Not knowing where to start is what stymies and frustrates many dog owners. 


The ultimate goal is promoting behaviors your dog wants to perform, which are healthy and safe, and help enhance their lives. This is the essence of dog obedience training—in Edmonton, the experts at The Leash Team have been doing this for a long time. We have many combined years of the same care and devotion that our dogs show us in turn!

We Love Dogs as Much as You Do!

Alberta’s own The Leash Team offers one of the only certification programs if you're looking for professional and thorough dog training. We’re proud to do so, helping to give people and their dogs a happier family life. Next time you search for “dog training near me,” save yourself the hassle and call The Leash Team. 


We’re ready to help you create and implement a safe and effective force-free training program to help your family enjoy a happier life with your dog.


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