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Dog Walking Edmonton

Keeping your dog happy through exercise at one of Edmonton's Off-Leash dog parks

Dog Walking Edmonton

Off Leash Group Dog walks

Our team of certified dog walkers is dedicated to providing the best care for your furry friend. We offer pick-up and drop-off services right at your doorstep, taking your beloved dog on a 60-minute off-leash group walk. Rest assured that each dog wears a GPS device while under our care. Our team is fully insured and bonded, ensuring the safety of your home and pets during our visit.

  • Consistent exercises are extremely important to keep your dog healthy physically and mentally. 
  • Dog walks provide exercise and mental stimulation, group dog walks gives your dog the opportunity to socialize with other dogs while exercising. 
  • Dogs get bored when they stay inside for too long, and boredom is usually the biggest reason that leads to destructive behavior.

We are Licenced Bonded and Insured - Certified in Behavior Modification and Training, Member of The Canadian Dog Walkers Association, Member of Pet Sitters International, and Certified by PetPro in Pet First Aid and CPR.


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What Can I Expect For My Dog's Walks?

We love and care a great deal about all our dogs in our Leash Team dog walking family. All dogs are matched into their dog walking pack by their personality and size. It's important to us that each and every dog has an active, enjoyable, safe and fun dog walk.

All dogs with The Leash Team wear GPS tracking devices on their walks as an extra ounce of precaution. All our dog walkers are certified dog walkers as well. They've all taken extensive training on dog behaviours, safety and dog walking protocols, processes and proceedures.

In 2021, all our dogs trainers will be using whistles to improve overall recall. We will be providing each of our human clients with a whistle as well so that they can reinforce this great habit.

Serving: Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood park and Spruce Grove

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Dog Walking Prices

Group Dog Walk - 1 dog. Detailed descriptions follow.

One hour off leash walk at an Off-Leash Dog park (includes Home pick up and drop off) $36.50
Additional Dog walk from same house $19.50
Monthly GPS fee per dog $3.50
Stat Holiday Surcharge $5
Late Cancellation Fee (Cancellations are free of charge before 6PM the day before the walk) $15
*GST not included in all of the prices above.  



Why Are Group Dog Walks So Important for Your Dog?

Dogs are very social animals and they model their behaviour from behaviours that they learn from other dogs. Scientists refers a dog’s natural inclination to want to be with other dogs, to follow their lead, and to do the same things that they do as “allelomimetic behaviours”. Puppies, and dogs in general, will naturally show tendencies to imitate the behaviours of other dogs from a young age throughout their lives. Many important dog behaviours are learned because of participating in organized social behaviours.

Basically, other dogs can help your dog adopt and retain great behaviours. By participating in our group dog walks our clients know and understand that their dog gets more than socialization, they get taught how to behave by other dogs.

We carefully place each dog with a small dog group based on their size, temperament, and maturity. Yes, the dogs are having fun, socializing, and getting exercise on their group walks but they are also getting regularly educated by the other dogs on which dog behaviors are appropriate and which behaviours are not.

  • Exercise ensures good physical and mental health. Just like their human counterparts, pets need regular and consistent exercise to live long, healthy, and happy lives.
  • Walks provide socialization and stimulation. Walking not only gets your dog the exercise he or she needs, but it also stimulates his or her senses. Your dog gets to see, smell, feel, and hear all types of new and interesting things when out for a walk. 
  • Walks improve pet behavior. Simply put, a tired dog is a good dog. Regular walking helps to release excess energy in your pup, resulting in calmer behavior at home. 
  • Dog walkers give you peace of mind. Hiring a dog walker gives you the peace of mind that your dog is well taken care of, especially when you are not at home. 
  • A dog walker saves you time. We all live busy lives and every minute counts. Sometimes, consistent lengthy walks are difficult to fit into our schedules. 
  • Continued socialization with other dogs, is necessary, to reinforce their learning about the language of dogs – how to play, how to listen to reprimands, how to interpret another dog’s mood, etc.  Dog language can be thought of in the same way as human language.  If you were to go through life not having anyone around you to speak your language, you wouldn't be able to speak or understand it.



New Dog Walking Clients: Getting Started

  1. Contact us through our Contact Page. You can phone us, email us, or send us a message through our contact form.
  2. We'll set up an initial FREE CONSULTATION, via  Phone or Zoom during COVID-19.
  3. After our initial meeting, you can then book your dog walks through our dog walking app. It's super easy and quick. Have a look, and book your dog walk.

All dogs must be vaccinated and neutered or spayed upon reaching maturity.



Dog Training in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

If you're looking to create a more obedient, self-assured, happy, and well-behaved dog, or if you're simply having a few training issues that you can't solve we can help you with that. Check out our best dog training methods, dog training packages, and dog trainers.



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